Angrakha kurta everything to know

Everything You Need To Know About Angrakha Kurtas

One special thing about fashion is that you begin to miss it as soon as it goes, and perhaps this is why it comes back again with new intriguing patterns and styles. One such style that has withstood the ravages of time is the versatile Angrakha kurta style. Historically women used to pair this long kurta style with long lehenga skirts and churidar with a dupatta around their head.

According to some research findings this clothing style came out during the Mughal period. However, it is also said that it actually made its way through Rajasthan. Let's discuss this versatile ethnic wear in detail before you buy any angrakha kurta online.


Rajasthan is a native state and needed light, easy-to-wear clothing that would protect them from the sun. That's how the Angrakha kurtas came into being. In terms of ethnic wear, the Angrakha kurta is a garment that individuals can pair with other pieces like a churidar or lehenga skirt, along with a dupatta on the head.

With fashion trends coming over, two different types of Angrakhas emerged, considering their uses. Out of which one was ideal for daily wear with knee length, and the other one for occasions and celebrations with frock style, flares from the waistline just like the floral Anarkali kurta you see in the market.

Source of Inspiration 

Angrakhas take inspiration from nature, most commonly from where they originate. In this case, angrakha kurtas are from Rajasthan and Gujrat; thus, you will find unique print patterns over these kurtas. While the daily wear ones would include abstract prints and the festive ones would have gotta Patti, embroidery works

Angrakha kurtas are very famous Indian ethnic wear that you will find in women's wardrobes. Asymmetric cuts are the most important style you will find in this contemporary design. Indian designs are now incorporating angrakha styles with different types of bottoms to create unique festive looks for women.

Style & Variety In Angrakha Kurtas 

For most parts, there are only two types of Angrakha kurta design: the Kamari angrakha and knee-length angrakha. So let's get into detail about these two kurtas' patterns.

Kamari Angrakha Style

In this style, the angrakha closes precisely at one mid-section and looks like an outfit as in the base part. This is a popular style that individuals wear during festivals and occasions. This style gives more options to move one leg while moving, especially as it is easy to team with skirts and salwars.

Knee Length Angrakha

This type of Angrakha kurta is ideal for daily wear needs and protects one's body from heat and the sun. Generally, these kurtas are crafted in pure cotton and look best when paired with churidars, leggings, or palazzos. One can even wear it with comfy salwars and pyjamas to make it more comfortable.

The best part about angrakha style kurtas is their asymmetry which is highlighted in all kurtas through different work done on the edges. These edges are along the opening of the neck and the sleeve endings.

Innovations & Global Appeal of Angrakha Kurtas 

As we mentioned earlier, Angrakha kurtas are very popular in women's Indian ethnic wear. It is a garment that has received global acclaim and is making its way to the global runway. Also, due to its asymmetrical nature, it is a fascinating style to work with. This has made it a popular option to work in the global fashion world.


So, now you might have understood why angrakha kurtas are the most celebrated choice of garments for the Indian ethnic wear wardrobe. If you wish to add this versatile piece of apparel to your wardrobe, Yash Gallery can help you. Our collection of Angrakha kurtas is unique, features delicate prints, and ensures tailor-made fittings in all sizes. Check out the whole collection today!

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