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If we talk about the most trending and all-time demanding kurta for ladies, then no one can miss the name of the Anarkali kurta. Its origin can be traced back to the time of the Mughal era, and it was the most popular attire for women belonging to the royal family at that time. From then until the present time, its popularity has never gone down, showcasing the elegance of the Anarkali kurta.

The design of the Anarkali kurta has a royal charm. Even if you are searching for a kurta for traditional festival occasions, formal weddings, receptions, and gatherings, the Anarkali kurta will definitely catch your attention. Its versatility is one of the main causes of its popularity.

The key elements of Anarkali Kurta

When it comes to clothes, the fabric is an important part. The Anarkali kurta for women is designed with cotton, chiffon, silk, and crepe. The Anarkali kurta stitched with different fabrics is also designed with different design elements such as sequins, decorative elements, beads, and mostly with embroidery. The combination of these elements makes the Anarkali kurta a standout piece.

Sometimes, its design does not even need any designer element but in printed and self-design fabrics, it looks very graceful. The other important part of any clothing is comfort, and when talking about women's comfort in clothing, the Anarkali kurta is one of the favourite choices of women.

Explore the Variety of Anarkali Kurtas at Yash Gallery

Talking about the design and size of Anarkali Kurtas available at Yash Gallery, you can find a variety of fabrics, designs, and sizes. We design and manufacture Anarkali Kurtas with both traditional and modern touches. You can check the details of the fabrics we use on our website. Our major focus in the fashion industry is to make fashion available in all sizes, which is why you can find all sizes on our website. We primarily focus on quality and process, ensuring that you get the best quality at an affordable price range. Our collection includes Anarkali Kurtis for special occasions such as weddings and parties, as well as cotton and regular Anarkali Kurtis for everyday wear. Additionally, we have Plus Size Anarkali Kurtis for our beautiful plus-size ladies.

How to select the perfect bottom for your Anarkali Kurti

The overall look of the Anarkali kurti depends on the pairing of bottoms. In the market, there is a variety of bottoms available and each of them gives a unique look to the Anarkali kurti. Depending on the design and length of the Anarkali kurti, you have three beautiful options for bottoms.

• The first one is the traditional churidar pyjama. Churidar pyjamas are very long pyjamas that have ruffles at the lower area after being worn. They look beautiful with knee-length Anarkali kurtis and also give a traditional, royal touch to the appearance. You can choose a similar colour to your kurti, a different shade of the colour of the kurti, or a contrasting colour to the kurti.

• The second option you have is leggings. Leggings are the most comfortable bottom for ladies and are easily available in all colour shades. They go well with floor-length Anarkali kurtis and make you feel more comfortable. You can also carry your floor-length Anarkali kurta without leggings, just like Western dresses.

• The third and most popular option nowadays is palazzo pants. You can also wear your Anarkali kurti with palazzo pants, and it goes well with knee-length Anarkali Kurtis. Due to their airy design, palazzo pants have become one of the most comfortable choices for ladies. Always select the pair according to the occasion, the fabric of the kurta, the design, and the colour combination.

Our collection of Anarkali kurtas for women includes

At Yash Gallery, we offer a collection of Anarkali kurtis that can cater to your needs for different occasions. Our designers specially focus on colour combinations, fittings, and designs. We have all the popular colours of Anarkali Kurtis, so you can choose the perfect one. Our collection has all sizes from XS to 5XL, so everyone can find their size. We design our Anarkali kurtis with different fabrics, especially cotton, cotton blends, viscose, and viscose Rayan. Two highly recommended options that you should check today at Yash Gallery ( Online shopping for women ) are:

Cotton Anarkali kurta: If you are a person who loves comfort, then cotton Anarkali kurtis are perfect for you. Yash Gallery understands the importance of breathable fabrics for comfort, so we manufacture cotton Anarkali kurtis with different designs and patterns. There are various benefits of wearing cotton, such as comfort, lightweight, versatility, easy care, and affordability. Cotton is an all-time trending and versatile fabric that you can choose for casual everyday wear with trendy jewellery and accessories.

Embroidered Anarkali kurtas: There is a separate base of customers who love embroidered Anarkali Kurtis. It gives an intricate design to ethnic wear. With the choice of embroidered anarkali kurti, you can get different design options like Zari work, beadwork, and threadwork. With these design selections, you can add elegance and sophistication to your look. Embroidered Anarkali kurtis are also a unique style of cloth that sets them apart from other kinds of kurtis. In India, we have various small and big festivals, and on these days, the traditional look enhances the beauty of a woman, and embroidered anarkali is a perfect choice for such occasions. The benefit of an embroidered design is that it can be designed on different fabrics, and it has versatility in design and patterns.

We are continuously working to develop a great range of designs with Anarkali kurtis and updating our collection. You can check the latest designs here.


The Anarkali kurta is always in trend and has a strong customer base with increasing demand. To select your favourite design and comfortable size, check out our latest collection at Yash Gallery.


1. What is an Anarkali Kurti?

An Anarkali Kurti is an ethnic wear popular since the Mughal Era in India. It is the most demanding Kurti of all time. It is a Kurta with a long, flowy bottom that flares out from the waist, giving an elegant and beautiful look.

2. What are the different types of Anarkali Kurtis?

The most popular and demanding Anarkali Kurtis of all time are Flared Anarkali Kurti, Asymmetrical Anarkali Kurti, Floor-length Anarkali Kurti, Knee-length Anarkali Kurti, and one of the new designs, Jacket Anarkali Kurti.

3. What should you wear with an Anarkali Kurti?

An Anarkali Kurti can be worn in different pairs. Most of the time, for traditional looks, the Anarkali Kurti is worn with Churidar Pyjamas. It is a fashion form from the time of the Mughal era. In the present time, the trend has changed, and women are freely choosing different options as well. Of those, two are leggings and palazzos. Both are known for their design and comfort.

4. How do you choose the perfect size of Anarkali Kurti for you?

Always remember that Anarkali Kurti is fitted from the waist and bust and loose from the hips and leg area. So, measure your waist and bust and accordingly select the perfect fitting. Also, choose the perfect length that looks good on you. For that, you have two options knee-length Anarkali Kurti and floor-length Anarkali Kurti.

5. What are the other Kurtas that I should try?

You can easily buy Anarkali Kurtis online. But, in your collection with the Anarkali Kurti, also include Straight Kurtis, Asymmetrical Kurtas, Angrakha Kurtas, and A-line Kurtas.