Fashion Tips To Look Slim In Kurta

Top 7 Fashion Tips To Look Slim & Graceful In Kurta

Be it for an office meeting, family gathering, daily errands, or any festive occasion, ethnic kurtas have become a fashion staple for every Indian woman. However, we understand that though we all desire a slim body, not everyone is blessed with a naturally slim figure. There are many women who are struggling with their weight issues and looking for ideal ways to hide their flaws. 

The good news is that there are some fashion hacks that will make you look slim and graceful in kurtas, giving an illusion of a well-toned figure and elevating your confidence. Thus, it means that you can wear your favourite cotton angrakha kurta or an Anarkali kurta set without worrying about looking plump or flabby. So, follow these tips to accentuate your figure and look appealing in an ethnic wear kurta.

7 Ultimate fashion hacks to look slim in kurtas

Pick the Appropriate Length 

Though short kurtas were once a rage, long kurtas are more popular nowadays. Most fashion enthusiasts, especially the ones with a height above 5ft, prefer long Kurtas. It is because long kurtas create an illusion that makes you look slim. 

However, floor-length kurtas should be avoided as they may make you look plump. If you are shopping for an Anarkali kurta, then ensure it is below the knees but a few inches above the ankles. An ethnic kurta of 48 inches in length is an ideal choice.

Pair with the Right Bottom

We know that pairing your Kurta with the right bottom that makes you look thin is one of the hardest decisions. You may have to choose between a churidar or a Patiala salwar. But you can choose the right bottom as per your body shape. For example, if your midsection is thin, you can pick a churidar to look tall. 

Similarly, if you have a full-fledged body or your midsection is not thin, then the Patiala salwar will be a better choice. Moreover, you can also hide your bulges with the flowy and free silhouette of palazzo pants. 

Choose Flattering Fabrics

Fabric is the most important factor to consider when you want to shop for the Kurta that gives you a slim appearance. Clingy or body-hugging fabrics, such as spandex and lycra, can expose your flaws, giving you an awkward look and lowering your confidence. 

Thus, you should go for fabrics that are comfortable to wear, allow for breathability, and have a soft texture. Cotton is considered to be one of the best fabrics for ethnic Kurtas because it has all the qualities that you need to create a flowy statement. A cotton angrakha kurta is perfect to look slim and stunning. 

Select As Per Your Somatotype 

Though there is no limitation on what you wear, you need to make some considerations if you wish to achieve an ideal ethnic look. Choose your ethnic wear outfit as per your somatotype or body shape. For instance, pear-shaped bodies can go for Anarkali style kurtas which perfectly complement their shape. 

At the same time, women with broader shoulders should pick slightly flared kurtas. Furthermore, be it party wear Kurta or office wear, straight cuts always look appealing. You can even out your curves and give that flattering definition with an embroidered straight-cut kurta paired with a palazzo. 

Find the Right Print & Pattern

The print and pattern of your ethnic Kurta play a vital role in deciding how you look. Kurtas with vertical prints are a great choice if you wish to look slim. Moreover, floral prints are also excellent as they add fresh vibes to your closet. 

Also, traditional kalamkari prints give you an ideal appearance. To look slim, it is advisable to avoid large prints that add to the bulkiness. On the other hand, small prints trick the eyes and make you look slim and fit effortlessly. 

Go for Darker Shades

Dark colours help you hide that extra flab, giving the ideal slimming effect. The truth is that dark colours absorb the light and conceal the bulges. However, darker tones do not mean only a black hue. Instead, you have endless choices, such as maroon, dark pink, navy blue, brown, deep red, etc. 

These dark shades not only give you a balanced look but also complement all skin tones. So, elegantly camouflage your flaws with darker tones and feel remarkable. You will look lean and graceful in a plain pink Anarkali

Accessorize Correctly

Believe it or not but accessories hold the power to make or break your outfit. It is always important to pair your outfit with the right kind of accessories that go with the occasion. Accessorizing your ethnic Kurta can help in scattering the attention towards the jewellery, thus, taking the focus away from other body parts. You can smartly use accessories to create the right balance. 

For instance, a long chain necklace will prevent the neck from looking thicker. Also, a round face looks wonderful with medium-sized earrings. Stud earrings perfectly complement a heavy neck. Furthermore, one of the simplest ways to look slim and tall is to pair your outfit with heels. You can opt for thin heels, pencil heels, or wedge heels. 


So, these were a few helpful fashion tips to look slim as well as elegant in an ethnic wear Kurta. However, looking good not only relies on your clothes but on your mindset too! If you have the right attitude and confidence in yourself, you can rock all types of clothing effortlessly, irrespective of your body shape or size. 

We hope that these extra fashion styling tricks will help you feel and look stunning in kurtas. However, if you want to update your ethnic closet with some stylish kurtas that add much-needed charm to your appearance, Yash Gallery is your one-stop destination. Visit the website to explore the collections of ethnic wear kurtas in a variety of sizes, colours, and types. From a royal flared Anarkali to a chic angrakha style kurta, get everything you need at an affordable price. 

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